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        THE SHELTON GROUP                        
         6458 Cape Cod Court
         Lisle, IL  60532                                     Date __________________

This is my order for ______ copies of the 2014 edition of THE IMMORTAL "I" -
Restoring the Sovereignty of the Soul,
by Eugene B. Shea, soft cover, 146 pages:

          Name  ____________________________________________________
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          Country  ___________________________________________________
          Email Address (only to confirm your order) ________________________ 

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        I enclose my check or money order for $19..95* for each copy  plus $2,95 S&H
      for first copy and $1.25 for each additional copy to the same address (20% discount
      for orders of 3-5 copies - 30% discount for 6-9 copies, 40% for 10 or mote copies.
      email TheSheltonGroup for shipping charges on multiple copies..

    Clergy  Religious  Faculty  ACPA members may take 35% ($7.00) discount)       

      Outside U.S. shipping for single copies $ 2.95        
      for multiple copies email TheSheltonGroup for shipping charges    

          Thank you for your order!

            In His name,  t

        Pat Sarlas, Editor