The Immortal “I”


Restoring the

of the Soul


 Eugene B. Shea

                    “... perhaps the most fascinating and enlightening book that I have ever read. ...

                    I am going through it for the third time.”

                                     Fr. George Karnik, Retired, Archdiocese of Dubuque

                                    Co-Founder, Christian Experience Weekend


Appraised as an 'astonishing contribution,' this seminal book introduces new  paradigms of the Heart, Soul, and Mind; and exposes for the first time the neurological ‘autopilot’ in our brains which competes with the Soul for the management of our lives.

Integrates these paradigms with the words of Christ and many of His most holy and erudite followers, yielding new Christian schools of psychology and neuropsychology.

Reveals the genesis of our motivations and behavior, and a clear path to psychological well-being and spiritual growth. 


Granted the imprimatur. 


“An amazing book. ... amazing because it distills so much information and wisdom into such a small container!  Overall, I find it to be a very ambitious, needed, and successful enterprise.”
   Carolin Keutzer, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor, Psychology

                             University of Oregon

“The Immortal 'I' is a very stimulating set of ideas that are of far-ranging significance.  I  have circulated the book among my students, and they too enjoyed it.  Much success  with it.”
                            Philip G. Zimbardo, Ph.D.
                            Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Stanford University;
                            Past-President, American Psychological Association 
“I think it's a terrific book. ... It is both good psychology and excellent spiritual reading. ... I look forward to this daily read.”
Fr. William McNamara, O.C.D.
                            Author, The Human Adventure, et al.

                            Founder, The Spiritual Life Institute

                            and Nada monastery-hermitages in Arizona and Nova Scotia.
“I liked the book.  It is full of good ideas with which I happen to agree. ... All in all, I think this book can be quite useful to people."
                          Piero Ferrucci, Ph.D. Author: What We May Be, et al.

“... an astonishing contribution. ... One of the most intriguing and challenging books of hundreds I have read as a scholar and Christian book reviewer.  I continue to refer to this fine book, rife with fresh insights, with profit and illumination.”
Rev. J. Harold Ellens, Ph.D.,
Author, 50+ books; Research Scholar,
                         Department of Near-Eastern Studies,
University of Michigan;
Past-Executive Director, Christian Association for

                        Psychological Studies; Founding Editor and Editor in Chief

                        Emeritus of the Journal of Psychology and Christianity 
“Thanks for The Immortal ‘I’.  I was familiar with all your sources, but it is always a pleasure to see a new approach.  Congratulations on your fine efforts.”
Ken Wilber, Author: The Spectrum of Consciousness, et al.

“I read it several times and found it quite fascinating. ... I underlined a number of passages which I considered significant. ... makes many important points which I

think are very helpful and quite valid.”
Fr. Bernard Tyrrell, Ph.D., S.J., Author: Christotherapy I & II

“Still carrying the pain and anger of a terrible childhood, I was unhappy and a trial even my loving husband. ... The book was like going from deep darkness into bright sunlight! ... it felt like a tsunami had washed over me.  My heart bloomed with HOPE for the first time, and it was so beautiful! ... I read the book 4 or 5 times... the Gift of each day has meaning and purpose. ... I am free!”

"A helpful and right-minded book.”
                         Huston Smith, Ph.D.
                         Author: The World's Religions
, The Primordial Tradition, et al.


“To Eugene B. Shea, With gratitude for your fascinating The Immortal 'I'.  Best wishes!”  (Inscribed in his gift book, Christian Mysticism)
                        Fr. Harvey D. Egan, S.J., Professor Emeritus, Theology

                        Boston College

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the book and found much overlapping with my own work. ... We have to hope the interest will grow as the evolution of consciousness continues.”
Stanislav Grof, M.D., Ph.D., Esalen Institute
                           Author: Beyond the Brain, et al.

“... a nicely put together synthesis of those elements which can lead us to  happiness ... The author writes clearly and well and has an infectious sense of conviction... maintains an unbounded spirit of optimism, but is not a 'pusher.' ... shows many years of searching from East to West, from classical times to our century.  Who can refuse it?  Who does not need it?”
Gerald Kreyche, Ph.D.
                           Emeritus Distinguished Professor, Philosophy
                           DePaul University, Author: Reflections on Man, et al.


“I found something of interest to me on almost every page. ... In your book―from the very title―it is seen that God has given you rare insights. ... No other modern author I am aware of, certainly not in psychological literature, has been able to say such things.”
John Uebersax, Ph.D., Catholic Psychologist

“Your book was fascinating and at the same time a real source of spiritual wisdom. ... I can understand why it is in the fifth edition. ... I am recommending to the Bishop that it receive the imprimatur.”
    Fr. John Balluff, S.T.D.

                        St. Mary's Parish, West Chicago, Illinois


“This remarkable book brings fresh insights to perennial questions.  The author has brought together data from the neurosciences, psychological sciences, and mystical theologies.  I will recommend the book to my students and hope that it will receive the attention it deserves.”
Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., Saybrook Institute
Extraordinary Dreams and How to Work with Them


The Immortal “I" 
Restoring the
of the Soul

Eugene B. Shea

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